Interior & Exterior Photography

My interior design photography commission consist of managing small teams for shoots at our local office in Varenna or traveling out to your base location. I regurlarly work with contractors, hotels, and interior designers. I work very closely with the client to produce the final product they envision.

Design is also a passion of mine so I do provide a helpful eye to see your visions through.

Here is what you can expect when selecting this commission:

A brief on how we will plan out your initial designs. Discussions will be held in person, on the phone or over skype.

Another meeting in person then a follow up of confirmation of your plan. After the end of confirmation I will document a “before” transformation study to guage our journey.

High end shoots of your furniture is also an option. Showcase your latest obtained pieces to solidify your workspace’s image. For local shoots, I do provide designer furnishings and a facility for small businesses.

Wether you are just setting up your new offices or function room, you can expect quality spacial reconfigurations.

Not only does this make for great shoots, this commision helps with flow of your office workspace.

You can select the standard from the ground shot but can also choose my drone commission. Thats right, an aeriel view of your building or structure can be performed for high quality shoots.

What I use is a DJI Mavic Pro to capture stunning shots from high above. Natural lighting is what I recommend for the best shots of your establishment however, dusk and night time shoots can be avaible as well.

I provide professional shoots for realtors, developers and your average home owner looking to sell their property.

When it comes to interior design photography, you’ll get the shots you need to get that sale made.


– Planning usualy comes standard with every option and is bundled in at €50

– Furniture shoots start from €150

– Complete office transformation starts from €400

– Arcitectural exterior photography starts from €250

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