There are a few extras that you can bundle along with my commissions. Interior design photography covers a number of sub tasks that will give your overall image that extra boost. This includes Aerial shoots with drones, photo editing and more.

Bundling an extra below with a regular commission can increase your total.

Any service with an extra that’s  over €800 will receive %10 off the total.

My aerial shoots are professional photos taken from the skies that capture surrounding areas that can also help clients looking for your business.

This extra uses a drone, most suited for outdoors such as exterior architecture or events taking place in the sun. A DJI Mavic Pro is my choice of drone.

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This extra adds stunning depth and perception to your shoots for a full 360 view of your interior.

The 360 extra is great for showcasing a workspace or a newly build home ready to be sold.

When your images have been taken or recorded, some enchantments can be made to bring them more to life. I use various Adobe products for these two tasks.

Photo retouching, image manipulation, video editing and optimizations can be made your content runs quickly and hassle free.


Pricing for these services can vary depending on your initial commission selection.

You can request a custom bundle for commission + extra commission by contacting me directly.          

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