Bohemian interior design characteristics

JAN 10 2020

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Bohemian design is a radiant, ordered, multi-cultural blend of catchy layers and components you just can’t ignore or gloss over for its singularity. The word ‘bohemian’ refers to someone who is socially unorthodox and by and large engaged with the arts. That makes it a much preferred interior design option for an upper class and towering space that is filled with visual interest and a breezy look and feel.

Now, let’s explore some characteristics and manifestations of the Bohemian interior design style.

History of bohemian interior design

“Bohemian” was initially a term with debasing connotations given to Roma gypsies, largely considered by the French to have roots in Bohemia, in central Europe.

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The adherents of the “Bloomsbury Group”, which was constituted around the Stephen sisters, Vanessa Bell and Virginia Woolf in the early 20th century, are among prime examples of bohemians.

Bohemian style was always considered a counter-culture – until the early 2000s. As a consequence of celebrity culture, boho style, as well as boho chic, ultimately got mainstream status in the opening decade of the 21st century.

Bohemian style room

Here are a few characteristics you can incorporate into your room if you are looking to make it a bohemian style room:

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Uncomplicated base

In order to conjure up a sturdy groundwork, begin with an uncomplicated base hue for a bohemian style room. Cozy and earthy shades make the perfect canvas, and going for a neutral base gives you room for stacking up eloquent color and order for the appropriate blend without it being sorely high-handed and loud.


Botanicals fit hand-in-glove with the bohemian style. Plants are an affordable and convenient to source method when it comes to having relaxed and easy vibes in a room. Plants help clean air while adding color without meddling with the other elements of the design of your room. Consider hanging plants.

Variations of patterns

From contrasting patterned rugs to vibrant cushions and throws, introducing varied patterns is the key.

Make a splash with the blend and contrast an array of patterns, shapes, scales, and styles to conveniently create a verdant bohemian ambience. At the same time, do try and maintain a consistent color theme.

Go for an assortment of hues you can keep coming back to and that you can keep present with all of your components – more so in darker, relatively luxurious colors. Bold hues and rich textiles offset white walls and earthy plants to set up a laidback feel.

An all-white palette can always have a 70s-inspired variation with the incorporation of a lavish rug and pillows. You could also use various fabrics to mix and match the feel of your furnishings.

Low-placed furniture items

Consider having low-backed sofas, scattered with an abundance of plush, comfortable throw cushions. Floor seating may also be a good idea: You could be using a rug with comfortable cushions.


A hallmark of bohemianism is the synergy of art and nature. Well-thought out selection of artwork is significant. This is where one can impart an individual, personalized touch.

Bare spots are a no-no

Bohemian design is for people who like to think outside the box. It’s a design style that does not drive you to adhere to a set of rules and regulations. Bare spots are by and large a no-no in this style. Any empty space can be filled with paintings, pillows and figurines.


Do add character throughout your bohemian home and be certain that everything you adore and have amassed down the years is markedly exhibited.

While your bohemian living room décor can be choc-a-bloc with curated finds, a bohemian style bedroom should ideally have a more sober look.

Metallic and mirrored surfaces

Metallic and mirrored surfaces are important characteristics of bohemian interior design. They serve to make a modern bohemian living room seem brighter and larger. Metallics and mirrors also add centers of attraction to your room, apart from heightening the glamor quotient.

Lanterns and lights sources Moroccan design elements can also impart an interesting twist.

Modern bohemian interior design

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The popularity of the modern bohemian interior design style has grown in recent years. Its wide-ranging nature and amalgamation of materials appeal to many. There aren’t any exact rules and there is plenty of scope for expression of the self.

In the past, the bohemian style has been linked with being occupied and with sometimes being a little overwhelming. While modern bohemian interior design style preserves significant bohemian values, it is a bit more sophisticated. It builds on the clean lines and utility of modern design and merges it with the consistency of bohemian artistry.