4 useful architectural interior designer points

JAN 10 2020

The practice of a architectural interior designer consists of adaptive reuse, designing and planning a building’s initial structure, function and form.
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Ever been inside a building or home and thought “this is fancy”? Or have you ever admired the colour, shape, structure and overall craftsmanship on an interior? That is the concept of work made tangible by an architectural interior designer.

Every building you have ever been in has had a plan backed up in its design you see today. These interior designers don’t necessarily deal with the “Feng Shui” of a room’s furniture placement but rather the structure that holds that building in place. There are services such as my own that do provide shoots and adjustments to furnishings.

Here I’ll cover what one is, what they do, the difference between a regular interior designer and an architectural one and also if it’s the path for you.

So, what is an architectural interior designer?

An architectural interior designer is based on the concept of design a building or structure from the inside out. The interior of the structure is built for adaptive reuse so when it comes to redesigning the building, workers can use the initial design for any updates made. This is known as recycling a structure for later use.

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This is often referred to as the “art and science of designing” or, “the spatial art of environmental design”. It’s a common practice is to bring about both design and construction together as a professional service. This includes either the design of the first build or remodeling the structure.

These special interior designers offer functionality, aesthetically pleasing structures and more importantly, safety. Creating an initial plan for commercial use and even for the homeowners, their job consists of dealing with many other professions such as other architectural interior designers, surveyors and construction workers.

When it comes to the design process, the way that they draft their designs is by using computer-aided design software or, CAD for short. The required job is to use their software to make decisions on what to place and where. This includes placement of doors, windows, rooms, floors, basements, halls, electrical and plumbing, or just about anything you would find in a building.

Good decision making and critical thinking are required to have a successful architectural project. What sort of structure are you building? How many people will this facility accommodate? How do you design flow for ease of access and movement? What materials will be used? These are the sort of questions you would see on a daily bases and an architectural interior designer.

What is the difference between an interior designer and an interior architect?

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These are two different professional fields but combined can produce the finishing result you see in the room you are standing in now. There has been confusion with the two fields they both can work alongside each other as separate tasks. Over recent years, you’ll find that a lot of interior designers have started using CAD software for your courses and jobs.

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What is an interior designer?

These designers typically deal with the inside of a structure rather than its construction. Their day to day tasks involve choosing pleasing colour schemes, materials, furnishings, a room’s balance, patterns, item placement and more. They will work on the inner space to make, for some examples; a home feel more welcoming or office space more accessible. This is achieved by planning out what space they’re working with and what’s need to either fill or optimize what they have. A room’s function Is key to every interior designer’s decision.

This is also something I specialize in when working with client’s spaces. If you want to see this in action and your space is in need of reorganizing, I would love to hear from you

What is an interior architect?

This has mostly been explained in this article above but an interior architect is a professional that deals with the design and planning of a building’s structure. They typically deal with the structures form and function, or the framework before construction. Nowadays they are becoming one with interior designers as the initial steps to completing a building project.

How much does an architect and interior designer make?

The average wage for these two professions can vary depending on your location in the world. So if you want an estimate on how much you can make as an architectural interior designer in Italy, I’ll cover the base price for both below for you.


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Interior designer salaries

  • Entry-level: You can expect the lowest rate of €12,000 per year
  • Experienced: You can expect as high as €54,000 per year or over

Interior architect salaries

  • Entry-level: You can expect the lowest rate of €29,000 per year
  • Experienced: You can expect as high as €48,000 per year or over

These estimates are pulled from a few sources but won’t be the exact amount. However, they are exactly just that, estimates. The salary numbers above are just to gauge how much you can potentially earn with you select either one of these professions.

Is interior architecture a good career?

Do you like to design? Do you enjoy paying attention to fine detail? Like working within a team of people?  Do you like the idea of working with computer-aided software? How about using a good old fashioned pencil to produce blueprints? Is putting in hard work your thing?

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If any of that applies to you, then becoming an architectural interior designer may be the path for you. You can, of course, have studied and obtained a degree or you can even be a self-disciplined designer with the skills necessary to take on client projects.

To enjoy this role you must enjoy the fact of ever-evolving trends as this field is constantly changing and growing. You would be one for adapting and being challenged to succeed as a designer. Unfortunately, there are no cutting corners when it comes to being the best you can be in this field.

All jobs that pay well require hard work. Designing also requires a keen eye for detail and focus. That does not mean it cannot be a fun experience. So if you’re ever wondering if it’s for you, check out your local courses or experiment a little with some tools that designers you to see if it’s for you.

Final thoughts

As a photographer who dabbles in interior design for my clients, I think it’s an amazing experience for anyone looking to start their own careers in this field. Putting in your all will give you the leverage to become a more successful designer in no time.

Above we covered what an architectural interior designer was and what the role consists of. We made the distinction between a designer and an architect, Doing both is manageable but knowing the difference is key. Now we know what to expect in terms of salaries for these two roles. Finally, we covered if this would be the right choice in your next step.

From the time we wake up to the time it’s back to settling down for the night, we are always surrounded by the structure of a designer’s early vision.